Graphic Pear



01. Users on premium membership plans can use all items in commercial and personal projects.

02. Users on the free membership plan can use free items in personal projects only.

03. Personal, commercial & extended licenses require an active Graphic Pear account. Deleting your account will automatically delete all active licenses.

04. Licenses for finished products remain active after your membership subscription ends. However, you cannot use previously downloaded items while your membership was active in making new finished products.

05. After your premium membership expires, your account will automatically become a “free account”. Keeping your account is essential to keep your license active.

06. Items can be modified, tweaked, and manipulated to fit your specific projects.

07. Users are not allowed to redistribute or sell any item as is or with minor modifications. It cannot be also included as a separate part with an finished product.


If you still have any questions, contact us by email.

Users subscribed to a free account are licensed to use our downloaded items in personal projects only. Premium members with a 1-month or 1-year account are licensed to use our items in personal and commercial projects while lifetime members get an additional extended license.

Users require an active membership account at to keep their license active. If you delete your account, all licenses (personal, commercial & extended) are automatically deactivated. You can always contact us if you deleted your account by mistake so our support can reactivate it.

Users can manipulate and modify our resources to fit their specific design needs. For example, a selected icon from an icon set downloaded from can be edited, resized, recolored, and integrated into a website or app design. The derivative work crafted from our resources will be licensed for personal use with a Free Account or personal and commercial use with a Premium Account.

All items downloaded from our website cannot be resold, redistributed, or offered on any other website. For example, you can’t upload any downloaded item on marketplaces, stock, or template-selling websites.

Still unclear about certain license terms, let us help you.