Why Should You Learn 3D As a Graphic Designer ?

Why Should You Learn 3D As a Graphic Designer ? 

2D art is amazing, but do you know learning the art of 3D modeling will not only add to your skill but will also improve your 2D art ?


Sometimes, it might be discouraging to learn 3D art because most people demand for the 2D art. This short article will enumerate the benefits of learning the 3D art and why it is necessary to learn it even though most people demand for the 2D art.


1. It is fun

As weird as it may sound, learning and knowing 3D is fun. I mean, they are very likable and awesome when you create them. It also helps to tap into your creativity while you play around with it.

2. It helps you work faster

Learning 3D might seem difficult at first, but when you get the hang of it, it makes you work faster. You would master your art so well and also find it very easy to change the things needed without wasting any time.


3. It increases your position in the marketplace

The world is changing really fast and people are loving photorealistic arts more than conventional ones. Knowing the 3D art will give you an edge over your competitors.


4. It perfects your designs

There are basic things to have in mind when designing which includes structure, perception, color theory, form, values and tone. When you master the art of 3D, accomplishing these things becomes a lot easier.


5. It arouses your mind

Apart from the fact that learning helps to stimulate your mind, learning a new skill also gives you something new to talk about when you are with others.

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