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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Photography

Being a photographer is not an easy career, it has its ups and downs, but all we need to do is learn what to “focus” on and what to ignore. So if you want to be a good photographer, and you don’t know what is messing that up for you, you gotta know what kind of mistakes you are making and try to avoid them. So don’t:

1. Hesitate to shoot

photographer shooting

Shooting should be spontaneous. Never be afraid to shoot anything that comes to your mind. Just go out there and shoot as many pictures as you can. And you will eventually develop your own unprecedented style.

2. Seek perfection

hiding cat photo

You’re out there, you have a great shot in sight you say “I can’t shoot that I don’t have the right camera for it”. You don’t need to wait for anything (better camera, nice weather, better light…). You just have to go for it and shoot that picture. Never miss a nice view!

3. Don’t miss the right time

photography timing

Some views don’t wait for you to come and shoot them. So you gotta always be there ready to catch them at the right moment. So always try to come early to capture a glimpse of the sunrise and stay late for the sunset.

4. Compare your work to others.

photography comparison

Never think that your images aren’t good enough. There are always better people in this world, more experienced, more talented… and there are also better people than those people, but they still share their own work.

5. Don’t be scared of making mistakes.

photography mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s not wrong to make them. We actually need to make errors to learn. The key to success is by making more mistakes, and that’s how we develop our talent.

After all, as Ansel Adams said: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” So just go out there and make your own photos using your inspiration.

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