Selection of Best Funny Animated Design Gifs

A selection of short funny gifs made by the some of  the best designers and animators in both cartoon and 3d graphics style.


funny design gif

Kick Push by Markus Magnusson


Designer vs Developer

Designer vs. Developer by Gal Shir


Sailor Walk Animation by Jonathan Dahl

Sailor Walk Animation 


The Sporty Slob Gif

The Sporty Slob by Tony Babel


Electrolux Gif

Electrolux “Gaming” by Makers Only


Monday Morning Gif

Monday Morning by Eran Mendel


A designer’s life

A Designer’s Life by Lukáš Straňák


rambow gif

Rambow by James Curran


NYC Gifathon Day 24

NYC Gifathon Day 24 by James Curran


A designer’s life

Jerry Car Day by Misha Petrick


Skatergramps Gif

Skatergramps by Markus Magnusson


Wizard Clap gif

Wizard Clap by Markus Magnusson


Dogs Gif

Dog vs. Cat by Gal Shir


LA Gifathon Day 1

LA Gifathon Day 1 by James Curran


Candles gif

Candles by Gal Shir


Dog Gif

This is my dog, Meshi! by Gal Shir

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