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How to Handle Angry or Frustrated Clients

Angry Client

Dealing with customers in this state of mind can be time and energy-consuming. Most salespeople handle irate customers inappropriately, thus leading to more complicated situations. The natural reaction when someone is angry at you is for you also to raise your hackles. Doing that to a customer could breed untold consequences you will do better to avoid. Saying something like, ‘we are sorry’ will not cut it at all. You need to do more than that if your goal is to appease the customer and get him to return in the future for more business transactions.
Marketing experts reveal that having a client who is unhappy at one time or the other is not a bad thing for business. They opine that unhappy customers are one of the best sources via which you can learn a thing or two about marketing as well as how to run your business more efficiently. But mishandling a situation such as an angry client will cost you a whole lot more than a few dollars; you stand to lose that client forever to your competitor.

Therefore, given these facts, you need to learn how to handle frustrated or angry clients professionally and appropriately. Clients are your primary source of revenue, so you need to handle situations when your customer is angry with tact if your goal is to preserve their loyalty.

How, then can you handle or manage angry customers? The following steps will show you what to do:

1. Listen To Their Complaints

The best way to start getting a handle on the situation is to listen to what your client is saying. That would not be possible if you also try to chip in a word or two when your customer is raving about whatever caused his displeasure about your product or service. Be calm and listen to what he has to say. Allow him to vent his spleen until he is spent. When you notice this, reassure them with a calm response. Never cut in when he is in full gear as you stand the risk of becoming the principal object of his wrath. So, listen to him, don’t attempt to interrupt him, and stay composed.

2. The Calm Response

Some clients can irately take things too far and begin to rain invectives on you. You need to maintain your composure here and let them know that you understand whatever dissatisfaction your service might have caused them. Let them know that raining diatribes at you will not alleviate the problem and reassure them that you are there to be of service to them, ensuring that they are ultimately satisfied. You need to let them know that the only way you can do this effectively and efficiently is for them to calm down.

3. Patience Is The Key

The key to resolving issues that have to do with angry or frustrated clients is patience. Understand that people are different and that while it takes some individuals a minute or two to calm down, some people could take up to several hours to relax. Some may get angrier as the live chat or call continues. But the trick is to be patient with them all; and remain in control by directing the conversation toward a satisfactory resolution. Besides, if you are not patient with your enraged client, you may not be able to carry out the tips above effectively. Never respond to harsh comments or even try to justify yourself. Be patient with them.

4. Do You Know How to Apologize?

That is a question you must answer. You need to learn how to apologize and do so genuinely enough that your client has no choice but to calm down. It is not going to be easy because you could be boiling inside yourself, and even secretly wishing this were entirely different circumstances that would allow you to teach your client a thing or two about manners. But for the sake of retaining your customer’s trust and loyalty, you need to try hard to apologize profusely and genuinely. Always offer to be of help on whatever complaint they have, and make them know that you will probably feel the same way if the situation were reversed.

5. Solving the Problem

Ask questions to get to the root of the matter. Then take steps to resolve it. If you can offer a little compensation for the misdemeanor, all the better. But please do so only if it will not affect your business in general.

6. Take a Walk

This is for you. Yes, you. Chances are, you are worked up yourself. In order not to transfer aggression to other workers or clients, you need to relax, either by taking a walk around the office or to the nearest park and back. But don’t bottle it in; relieve stress by letting it out.

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