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What Fonts Should You Use For Your Resume ?

Best Resume Fonts


Have you wondered why you have never been invited for interviews, despite having submitted your resumes to countless organizations seeking new employees? You may be well-equipped with the required skill set, yet you wait and wait in vain for that long-expected phone call to no avail. What could be wrong?

You may not have thought about it, but many other young and not-so-young hopefuls have also submitted their resumes, and if yours does not stand out of the pack, there is no way you can pique the interest of your would-be employers.

One of the unobtrusive attributes that could make or mar your chances of landing that dream position in your workplace of choice could be the typeface or fonts you used in writing your resume. Although there is not a hard-and-fast rule about what kind of fonts one should use for writing resumes, there are fonts that make prospective employers take just one look at your resume, and into the trash, it goes. They don’t have too much time to slog through numerous resumes and force themselves to understand the information you are trying to convey.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you use fonts or typeface that will make your resume stand out of the pack. Here are some of the best fonts for resumes that should do the job :



French engravers allegedly created this font in the 16th century. It is an excellent replacement for the timeless Times New Roman typeface. Don’t be deceived to think that this font is a bit overused due to its polished and classic look. If your job is related to design or other artistic disciplines, this is the font that you should use on your resume. Another feature that makes Garamond an excellent choice and the number one on this list of ‘Best Fonts for Resumes That Really Stand Out’ is that a page can take up more text without forgoing legibility. That means you can cut down the number of pages of your resume considerably without sacrificing your skill set.

Garamond Font



This font has recently become a favorite among people looking to recreate their resumes. There has also been increased positivity and responsiveness on the part of prospective employers when they examined countless resumes submitted to various organizations. This typeface is more professional, and its modern look supersedes other fonts, thereby making it fantastic to use on a resume. Even Microsoft has made this font its standard on its Word program and other applications as well.

Calibri Font



This font bears a close resemblance with Arial and can easily be mistaken for it if not carefully examined. It is a typeface that is considered a favorite among typographers and designers. No wonder major brands like Microsoft, American Airlines, etc. used it when designing their corporate logos. Its modern look is stylish, and its clean appearance makes it ideal for use on a resume. There have been relevant testimonies of the efficacy of the utilization of this font on resumes at recruiting firms across the nation.

Helvetica Font



Mathew Carter created this typeface back in 1996 when he was with Microsoft. It is a font type that is readable on both low-resolution and small screens respectively. This is probably due to the wide spacing between the Verdana characters.

Verdana Font



This font is one of many in the sans-serif font family. It has a clean and modern look which makes it easy for prospective employers to read. People working in the marketing field have expressed their approval of the use of this font when it comes to using it on a resume.

Arial Font



Tahoma makes your resume appear to be created by a professional designer. It is also a member of the sans-serif family and was used by Microsoft when the brand created several programs more than a few years ago.

Tahoma Font

It is vital for you to perfectly strike a balance of class, uniqueness as well and professionalism when choosing the type of fonts to use on your resume. Therefore, don’t be in a hurry when drafting your resume: take your time to select any of the best fonts for resumes that are listed above. You will soon be receiving invitations for interviews left, right, and center!

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