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Five Ways to Succeed as a Designer

Successful Designer

Being a successful designer might seem difficult, but is definitely achievable. Like every other thing in life, you will need to put in work and be consistent too.

In this article, we will give five tips to help you succeed as a designer in this century.

1. Be Original and unique

This cannot be overemphasized. To be a successful designer, you have to create your work and not copy from others. Let your imaginations run wild, and be creative with the little information given to you. Your work is whatever you make of it, and the less you depend on other works to guide you, the more unique your work will be. Build your own culture and let your work always represent your culture. Successful designers create their own culture by broadening their minds and submerging themselves in the world around them. This makes their work original.

Also, look for something about your work that is different from other people’s work; this is your selling point. You need to know your strengths and your weaknesses and use them to enhance your work. Put all of yourself into your work and watch how successful you will be as a designer.

2. Don’t be a slave

Learn how to say no when needed and yes when needed. Do not be a slave to your clients. Don’t take in more work than you can do, as this can lead to you providing less than perfect work for your clients. Aim to fill your portfolio with top-notch designs and no average ones. You can only do this when you take charge of your business and always stay in charge.

3. Work for free sometimes

You need to give back to those who have given to you. Work for love and charity instead of money sometimes. Well, this should not happen all the time because it is going to be a burden on you, but once in a while, do some free work for someone or an organization, and make sure it’s great.

4. Share your work before the deadline

No matter how much effort you put into your work, your client might not be happy with it sometimes. It is however important to involve them in the creative process. The importance of sharing your work early is to let your client look through your work and tell you the necessary adjustments to make.

5. Stay Connected

Everyone needs to stay connected always. You need people to get to the top and people also need you to get to the top. No matter how stern and straightforward you are with your clients, remember not to burn the bridges between them. You will always need your clients. You need to understand the thin line between knowing when to fire your clients and when to keep the bridge between them.

I’ll leave you with this quote. “Creativity is everywhere around us, – in our homes, in the cars we drive, the food we eat, and in clothes we wear”.

Being creative is of great significance to becoming successful as a designer. Follow these tips and practice a lot. Of course, these are just a few tips on becoming a successful designer. Care to share what you think?

Author: Rachel Woodby @rachwoodb

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