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Crude Chocolate Package Design

95 percent of new products eventually fail every year. The reason is however simple; Customers don’t have the time to go around weighing the merits and demerits of every product they buy, hence, they make use of a shortcut to get what they need. That shortcut is the packaging of your product.

Packaging is very powerful as it relates to your customers and shows them why your product is unique. Apple for example is well-known for its neat and conservative packaging. Great packaging is important, especially for startups as it helps them grow due to its direct effect on their sales and company’s appeal. Poor packaging on the other hand can have an even more striking effect. In Australia, the Government recently passed into law, plain packaging for cigarettes. Cigarettes were to be covered with health warnings and images that discourage smoking. This law has brought a drastic smoking decline in Australia. This simply shows that packaging speaks for the product.

This concept is also applicable when chocolate is concerned. The chocolate market however is a brutal field of battle. Old chocolate companies are constantly looking to get more creative as it’s a never-ending battle. There are gazillion competitors in today’s market and the focus has to stay on the needs of the consumer and how the chocolate product makes them feel when purchasing.

Packaging is sure the answer.
Among the many chocolate packaging out there is the Crude Chocolate Packaging by Happycentro. The chocolate is based on just two ingredients which are cocoa (available in different percentages of 70, 80, 90, and 100%) and sugar. Happycentro is a graphic design studio based in Verona, Italy, and was accredited with creating sophisticated packaging. The result is a completely mind-blowing sight.

Crude Package Design Closeup

They made use of simple raw cardboard and a metallic hot foil for each percentage of cocoa to create nothing short of awe-inspiring packaging. On the outside, the box looks like your normal brown cardboard but transcends that with artistic lettering and design made with hot tin foil. It’s just an amazing sight.


Crude Package Design
The packaging however doesn’t end outside the box, with the open chocolate packaging. Why won’t you love this? The chocolate itself is wrapped in a foil inside the box. This beautiful work of art made by HappyCentro is more than I can describe in words. Just look through the images and see for yourself.

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