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A Good Resume, the key to success


Have you ever thought about how important a resume is for you to get the job of your dreams?  Everyone needs to make a special, well-organized resume in order to get the work they want. A resume is a written description of information about the person who will apply to a job, and it provides the employer a complete knowledge of the person applying for a job at his place. Hence, a resume should be very appealing and should catch the eye of the manager.

In order to make a perfect resume we will provide you here with the best tips.


  • Simplicity and clarity 


Simplicity is the easy key for attraction. When your resume remains simple and clear, it will be more enjoyable to the reader. Hence, a resume is not about the complex words that you use, it is about the clarity of the content. Use simple fonts like Calibri and Times New Roman, also use suitable font size (12). Make sure the headings poke out the moment the employer looks at your resume; so make them bold and with bigger font size than the rest of the text.


  •  Organization  


The more organized your resume is, the more the reader will be interested in it. So, make sure you organize it well and put the sections in the right order:


  1. Career profile:

This section should focus on the changes that you can bring to the company and how you can be a good and beneficial member.


  1. Personal information:

Here you include your name, date of birth, relationship status, gender andyour nationality..


  1. Contact:

This section includes your mobile number, email and address.


  1. Work:

Contains your experience and the company or place you worked for.


  1. Education:

Involves the universities you went to and the degree or degrees that you got or you are about to get.


  1. Skills:

This section contains the technical skills that you have and that are relevant to the job you are applying to. You can also include the other languages that you speak (if there are any)


  1. References:

It is better to state that “references are available upon request”. Employers will ask you about them when they need them or when they are ready to employ you.



Here’s a selection the best free & premium resume templates on the web :


Clever Resume Template


resume templateresume and cover template


Minimal Resume Template


Free Resume TemplateResume template


Velli Resume Template


resume template


Infographic Resume Template


pages Infographic resume cv template


Form Resume Template


resume template


Classic Resume Template


classic resume template


Vertical Resume Template


Resume cv template



By : Sara Abdallah – @saghazz

Date : July 6, 2016

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