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6 Critical Aspects of a Fantastic Logo Design

Logo Design

When logo design is concerned, what you want is to convey your business or company the best way. But you wouldn’t want it to take too much space which is a big challenge when making your logo i.e. being able to create something that wins within the limited constraints. In this article, I will enlighten you about 6 factors to consider in creating a fantastic logo.

1. Research

Research Photo
Never rush into creating your logo. To create an effective logo, you need to research. Rushing into it only makes the matter a bad one. Your research must encompass understanding the company, what it stands for, its missions and objectives, then long and short-term goals. It also helps to know the kind of audience you are targeting – their demographics. This will go a long way to help you create a logo that wins.

2. Uniqueness and Attractiveness

unique slack logo
These are two important elements that must be part of your logo design. Obviously, you would want your logo to catch the attention of prospects, although it doesn’t need to scream for attention. Your logo design should test the intellect of your prospects and make them think about your logo even a few minutes after seeing it. Looking at the logos of top companies, you will notice that each represents and depicts at least something about the company.

3. Simplicity

logo simplicity
You need to make sure your logo design is not clustered. This might go on to confuse your consumer. The aim here is to make sure the customer understands your company and what it stands for through your logo design. A clear and simple logo can achieve that. It will also make your logo easy to remember and will send out the right signals to your customers.

4. Flexibility

flexible logo
When designing your logo, flexibility is a factor you also need to put in mind. Take for example a company that after designing their logo, discovered that it doesn’t work or not suitable for one of their product’s wrapper; a total waste of time and money. Your logo must be created in a way that works for anything you send out, be it product wrappers, your website, etc. This is made possible by taking into consideration the color and size of your design.

5. Fonts

font usage
A lot of logos lack greatly on this front. When designing, you should make use of readable fonts. There is no point in choosing a classy font that supposedly looks good on paper but does not promote readability in your design. Your design should be readable so that clients remember you. You need fonts that are easy on the eyes.

6. Color usage

old colored apple logo
A technical aspect of logo design surely. You need to choose colors that work with any background and still stand out. Complementary colors are what most great logo designs focus on. Colors that look great still when used on either a white or black background.

These are aspects you need to consider when making your logo design. Take note of them and a fantastic logo is what you get. You can also make use of logo mockups to present your logo in a professional manner because a good presentation is as important as the logo itself.

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