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5 Types of Logos You Can Use for Your Brand

When you think about it at first, logo creation is seemingly an easy task – but when you try to create your first, you realize that the “seemingly easy” task is complicated after all. There is more to logo design than meets the eye.

When designing a logo, you need to be creative and think about some components like the color of the logo, font type, size and shape, illustration, arrangement, etc. – but before even thinking of all these, the first thing you have to consider is the FORM your logo will take. In this article, I will talk about 5 forms a logo can take.

1. Icons or Symbols (Brandmark logo)

Brandmark logos

There are times when a symbol will represent some ideas better than when text is used. Think of traffic signs for example. Traffic signs have a way of associating information with symbols, and when you see them, you know the right action to take; so also using brandmark logos will give your audience a clear perception of your brand identity and image.

One other useful fact about brandmark logos is that they can be used by global companies. This way, consumers worldwide, irrespective of the language they speak can relate with the logo and associate it with the company’s identity. As useful as this type of logo is, it has its own risks. It might not be a great move for startup companies. This is because since it’s just a symbol that doesn’t show your company name, a random person might not be able to familiarize him/herself with your brand. Brandmark logos are useful mostly for high-profile companies that are already influential enough for people to make them out by seeing only their symbols.

2. Lettermark Logos

Lettermark Logos

This kind of logo is very similar to brandmark logos (symbols) but solely typographic. They are created with just the company’s initials. It is the best option for companies with very long names or not very easy to pronounce.

Similar to Wordmark logos, fonts are altered, and certain elements are added to it to make it unique. Examples of popular brands that use this kind of logo are Pinterest, IBM, etc.

3. Wordmark Logos

Coca Cola Wordmark LogoWordmark Logos

This kind of logo spells out the company’s name. Popular brands that use this kind of logo are Coca-Cola, eBay, Disney, FedEx, Facebook, etc.

The fact that the name of the company is spelled out doesn’t mean choosing a font and typing the name. There is more to it than that as they are sometimes styled so that they are different from just plain fonts. It might even entail creating a font that has never existed before.

Unlike brandmark logos that speak without words, this type of logo concentrates on your company name. Well if only your company name is short and distinctive though. It is arguably the simplest way you can represent your brand as far as the logo is concerned.

4. Combination Mark Logos (Text and Symbol)

Combination Mark Logos

This logotype combines Brandmark, Lettermark, and Wordmark types.

Combination marks are very popular and useful because apart from spelling out your company’s name while associating it with a symbol or something visual. They are indeed not easy to make as they require a fair share of creativity and time – but after shelling out a very awesome design, it’s totally worth the time and effort.

Combination mark logos are what I would recommend for brands, especially startups as their primary logo. This is because, apart from the fact that people will familiarize themselves quickly with your brand, you can also use the text or symbol separately depending on the situation. Take popular brands like Adidas, XBOX 360, and Sprint. When these companies decide to use only their symbols, you still recognize it’s them right? This is one advantage of combination mark logos.

Also, they can be trademarked easily compared to using symbols only.

5. Emblems


This kind of logo is similar to combination mark logos, but instead of placing the words below or beside the symbol or icon, they are placed inside the design. They are very similar to badges or seals and are mostly used by Sports and Government bodies.

Unlike combination marks, you will find it difficult to separate the words from the symbols in emblems. They are compact and this makes them very sparsely used among brands. Although when they are used, they can look like the right fit and look very professional. You can see this with brands like Starbucks, BMW, and NHL, etc.

The process of choosing a logo for your brand can be very daunting, but when you are familiar with your brand’s identity and image and know its ins and outs, it will be an easy process.

Are you thinking about choosing a logo for your business? Do you have other logo forms that are not mentioned in this write-up? Please do share with us.

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