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10 Photoshop Plugins all Designers Must Know

Best Photoshop Plugin

When it comes to design, one handy design tool that most professional designers cannot do without is Photoshop. Created by the powerful and highly creative Adobe platform, Photoshop is the most versatile and the best design tool for website design. Despite this, however, there are some limitations that restrict its use in particular areas, and such limitations hinder the speed of completion of design projects.

Thankfully, Photoshop plugins have been developed that allow designers to not only complete projects on time but also offer additional features that make the project much better than it should have been. Thousands of such plugins for Photoshop exist, but a vast majority of them are outdated and cannot be used with the latest versions of Photoshop.

If you are a designer and wish to enhance your creativity, speed, and effortlessness when handling web design projects, here are some of the best Photoshop plugins all designers must have:

1. Subtle Patterns

This Photoshop plugin is available for free online. This, however, does not mean that it is not one of the best plugins used by Photoshop experts to create clear-cut background patterns. Instead of going back and forth to the site, Subtle Patterns saves you that time by bringing the massive collections of patterns directly into your Photoshop.

Subtle Patterns Plugin

3. Transform Each 2.0

This Photoshop plugin allows the instant transformation of multiple layers, but in such a way that each of the items is liberated from the others. This handy plugin can be used to resize a group or cluster of objects without disrupting their arrangements.

transform each plugin

4. PNG Hat

This Photoshop plugin is quite helpful in the sense that it offers tons of strong features that enable it to export images quickly to Photoshop. It also showcases other features such as its capacity to produce CSS (cascading style sheets), amazing image compression capabilities, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) as well as a unique feature known as Objective C. Objective C allows you to insert your images into any design project you may be working on.

png hat plugin

5. Fixel Contrastica 2 PS

This plugin allows users to quickly enhance the global and local contrast of images. It is a Photoshop tool that functions excellently well without the need for clipping pixels. This plugin also gives users total control throughout the whole extent of the tonal range.

Fixel Contrastica 2 PS

6. Render.Ly is a plugin that utilizes smart technology and exports complete design specs, screens, and assets. The elements that are exported are those that have been changed. All you need to do is to make sure you take advantage of the proper prefix and leave the rest to To preserve the vector format of your icons, just attach a prefix of ‘ico.’ To export images, you will need to add something like ‘img’ as a prefix, and it will be exported as a raster graphic. Render.Ly makes it possible for you to manage assets, add variations to screens, and automatically allows you to export them all with one simple click of a button. Although this plugin is still in private beta, you can preview it by only signing up since it accepts new designers all the time.


7. GuideGuide

This awesome plugin makes it easy for designers to create columns, rows, baselines, and midpoints that are pixel-accurate as indicated by your selection or your document. GuideGuide allows you to save the guide sets you make use of regularly so that you can readily have access to them in the future. This plugin is simple to install and works with Photoshop versions CS5, CS6, and CC. This plugin can also be used to gauge how wide a navigation element should be in order to be a suitable fit across the extensiveness of a website. You can also use the GuideGuide plugin to generate element padding and baseline grids. With this plugin, you don’t have to worry about managing multiple guides when using Photoshop.

 GuideGuide plugin photoshop

8. Portraiture

One of the best tools that utilize skin-smoothing algorithms, this plugin comes at a hefty cost of about $200. But given that it is touted to be the best among many others, as well as the impressive results it offers, it is well worth the money.


9. Font Awesome

This Photoshop plugin is known for its ability to introduce and deliver impressive icons right onto a readily accessible Photoshop panel. It stands heads and shoulders above other popular icon fonts out there in the market nowadays.

Font Awesome

10. CSS Hat

Another powerful Photoshop plugin is CSS Hat which readily provides a wholesome CSS code at once. Although Photoshop comes with an inbuilt feature that does similar work, CSS Hat is designed to offer more capabilities and more flexibility.


Author: Rachel Woodby @rachwoodb

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