20 Beautiful Dashboard Ui Inspirational Designs in 2017

Data management can turn out to be an overwhelming task, because we live in a world encompassed by data. then came dashboards to the rescue. A dashboard is an essential interface that exists between the administrator and his website to help manage and control the services on a site or track data. You can think of it as a control panel, and using this control panel, you have control over what the landing page of your website is, what posts appear, and intrinsic details like how your sidebars, headers and footers look like.


With all said and done, all dashboards are not created equally. Some stand out by ensuring more active experience for the users. Poorly designed dashboards are sure to take a lot of time and efforts of the user, which is why we have compiled a list of wonderfully designed admin dashboards, beautiful and easy to use.


Dashboard Design By Moinul Ahsan

By Moinul Ahsan



Dashboard Design by Kostya Vargatiuk

By Kostya Vargatiuk



User Dashboard

By Divan Raj



Dashboard UI By uixNinja

By uixNinja



Dashboard Ui By Gleb

by Gleb Kuznetsov



Dashboard Ui



CRM Dashboard Ui

by Balkan Brothers



Dashboard Ui by Unity

by Unity



Dashboard Ui



Dashboard Chat Ui




App Dashboard Ui

by Divan Raj



dashboard ui

by Michal Parulski



dashboard by Luke Pachytel

by Luke Pachytel



dashboard ui design

by KREATIVA Studio



Finance Dashboard Ui

by tubik



Dashboard Ui


dashboard ui design



dashboard ui design

by Mariana


dashboard design

by Marco Coppeto


realpixels dashboard ui

by Grégoire Vella


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