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10+ Best Serif Fonts to Use in 2017

Best Serif Fonts 2017

When it comes to the use of fonts in a website, logo, or graphic design, it can be a tricky process. Every year, fonts are released into the market, and this is done to keep in tune with changes that occur in the online world. There are lots of serif typefaces to choose from; therefore you need to make sure that you make use of fonts that are suitable for your brand, legible enough, and will convey your desired message to your target audience. Using the best fonts that fit your organization will give an indication of the personality and style of your establishment. For that reason, this compilation of the best serif fonts in 2017 will be of help to you in your next design project.

Playfair Display

This design, which came into existence in the 18th century, followed the typefaces known as Baskerville and Boydell Shakespeare (though this edition was below par) design. This font, Playfair Display is appropriate for use when writing headlines or for titling. Its stylistic effect is felt in titles or news headlines, especially if space is tight, thanks to the font’s extra-large x-height as well as its short extenders. The higher-case form is, however, abridged and is just a bit heavier than the lowercase type. When it comes to style, the Playfair Display typeface can go together with Georgia, with the latter used for body text.

Playfair Display Font

Theano Didot

This typeface, created by Alexey Kryukov, is an open-source and free font and is an adaptation of the Didot typeface which was designed by Firmin Didot and was part of the modern-day serif category in the early days of the nineteenth century. Theano Didot was intended to be a Greek-only typeface but was later modified by adding Latin and Cyrillic styles. Theano Didot fonts do not have any particular styles or weights.

Theano Didot Font


This typeface is a family that portrays a unique design that makes it seemingly savory. It was created by inspiration of the didones shapes. This eye-catching font is glamorously sensitive, and because of its distinct high strokes, it is used for logotypes, editorial design, titling, and packaging. Salome has four styles along with their respective italics together with a lot of alternates and linkages.

Salome Font


This slab serif font is part of the Knile typeface family and is used widely for different jobs. It was designed by Atipo and Maria Ramos

Knile Font


This serif font was developed by Carol Twombly in 1989 for Adobe. It is an all-higher case typeface that was based on Roman square capitals that were used for the lettering at the base of Trajan’s Column. This font is used majorly in movie posters.

Trajan Pro Font


This font is used to give texts an elegant and classic feel and was created by a member of the Didot family several hundred years ago. It has sharp and clear forms which represent the philosophy and times of the Enlightenment. Another form that looks similar to the Didot typeface is the Henriade font.

Didot Font


The Fenix font is a serif style whose basis originates from calligraphy and is designed for long texts and displays. It has strong serifs as well as irregular strokes. At large sizes, this font looks stylish and readable all at once. The small size has plenty of rhythms. The relative sizes of the Fenix typeface attempt to acquire space in width and height.

Fenix Font

Klinic Slab

This font was designed by Joe Prince and is a contemporary form of the flexible Slab Serif. It comes in 4 weights as well as italics and contains eight fonts in total in the Klinic Slab family. It is an all-round font that is famous for its functionality and reflects personality.

Klinic Slab Font


This free serif typeface is a mixture of the Bodoni family and Dala Floda. The purpose of creating this typeface was to enhance the originality of serif fonts by developing the curves of standard serif typefaces plus an additional lettering family. It is used extensively for posters, books, big titles, etc. This font family contains an unreserved 334 characters, seven stencils, and seven regular weights respectively. It also has text figures, fractions, ligatures, etc.

Butler Font


This typeface is a carefully crafted serif font that conveys a unique feel of timeless Roman typefaces. It’s a font package that comes with italic and roman styles, both of which are optimized for screens. It is used in headings and body of texts and makes for a pleasurable reading experience. It was designed by Barry Schwarz and licensed under SIL Open Font License. It can be used for free both commercially and individually.

Fanwood Font

Finches Serif

Finches is an elegant serif italic typeface with exceptionally beautiful curves that give a sense of luxury and elegance. The font will upgrade your design project to a new level of professionalism. Finches can be used to design book covers, posters, social media post ads, and apparel.

Finches Serif Italic Font

Migur Serif Font

Migur is another font by Graphic Pear; a lowercase typeface created to be used mainly for editorial designs. The font has won a couple of awards and was selected by Behance as one of the top typography projects. This font is available for free download for personal use; some decorative elements can be added to make Migur even more attractive.

MIgur Font

In conclusion, serif fonts have a classic appeal, and because they are the preferred choice to use in print and online media, they have created a space for themselves among other typefaces and will continue to be used for generations to come. A lot of awesome serif fonts are featured on our website, do check them out.

Author: Rachel Woodby @rachwoodby

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